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Television Solutions

Benteractive provides services for many private label Television Channels. We transcode and deliver live linear channels, libraries of video on demand, and live events using industry set top boxes and consumer devices. The experience is better than cable and satellite and we use the internet so you can go anywhere in the world and view the content.

Our proprietary hardware and software encoding and encryption technologies offe the ability to deliver a Television experience to our users. As technology evolves the best way to get the content to the end user is to make sure it gets there. We deliver the content using an IP based solution which allows us to retrieve the information from the content provider and monetize it over the life of the broadcast. Our commercial deployment solutions offer us the ability to create a television experience based on the location of the user, For example if you take a drive from New York to california the content will change based on where you are.

This aspect allows to to maintain certain rights for targeted areas and deliver specific ads based on the location of the viewer.

Let us help you build this network today and deliver your content to a very happy medium.

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