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About us

The platform has evolved from a distributor of content to a creator of networks. Our clients past and present include NUVO, Serchlite, One Source Entertainment, Hpnotiq, YoungStartup plus many other brands. We engage the consumer at the end touch point. We have broadcasted in major markets such as New York City on WNYX TV, on digital satellite in the past and online since 2001. Our proprietary television encoding using online encoding and IP Delivery- Tv On the Go. Today we have evolved.

As the industry evolved we placed our content at the outer rim. Today our job is simple we deliver content across all genres.

The company aires lifestyle and comedy programming, music, and movies globally including markets in London, Israel, Dubai, India, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, and San Diego. It connects with bi-cultural Americans across various platforms, including TV, online, VOD, broadband, mobile, and interactive tablet apps.

We deliver a compelling result to the end user even on today’s smartphones. Our platforms act as a leading gateway to the end consumer.

Our mobile networks offer a location based service to the consumer. Using our network delivers an experience that mimics the television anytime anywhere… Now that is compelling!!!

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The Muzic Zone is the original TMZ since 1988. We are copyrighted via broadcast in NYC where we were discovered by many of our standard viewers. Our tenure goes back before many of our new viewers were even born. We list occasionally and offer vintage coverage of events and documentaries of great times and events in our history as the culture of music.


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